Prime Minister of Lithuania recognizes PMI for its role in fighting the shadow economy

Last month, Philip Morris International received a special award from the Prime Minister of Lithuania as a recognition of its significant contribution in the national fight against the shadow economy. Over the past decade, PMI has been sharing intelligence and providing financial and technical support to Lithuania's Customs, Police, and State Border guards, in addition to conducting various nationwide anti-illicit trade awareness campaigns.

Alvise Giustiniani, PMI's VP ITS&P, commented, "Being the only private company to receive one of these four awards confirms the relevance of our efforts to fight illicit trade and cooperate with countries to counter this serious threat. Going forward, this should make us feel even more determined to continue along this path."

The ceremony was held during a conference at the Lithuanian Government in Vilnius, which gathered together around 200 participants from law enforcement agencies and government bodies, as well as NGOs and business representatives.

Prime Minister of Lithuania Algirdas Butkevicius gave a speech before handing out the awards.

The inscription on the award reads: "To Philip Morris International. Together we are strong. Thank you for your cooperation in fighting the shadow economy. Algirdas Butkevicius, Prime Minister of Lithuania".

The event was part of the 5th annual "No Country for Shadow" initiative, which included various raising-awareness activities for all stakeholders to understand the long-term impact of the black market on the economy, and invites citizens to join the fight by making simple changes in their daily choices. "No Country for Shadow" is organized by the Investors' Forum and Baltoji Banga ("Clear Wave"), a transparency business-labelling initiative. It is supported by various NGOs, institutions, and private companies, including PMI, who has been a partner since 2012.